Why You Should Never Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach

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Do you ritually drink coffee in the morning before your breakfast like most people? You should not feel guilty about this habit, because coffee consumption has many health benefits, one of which is to protect the brain from dementia. But there is always another side of the story.

Although coffee is good for our body, it should never be drunk on an empty stomach, as coffee can severely disrupt the digestive system, speed up the aging process, or increase blood pressure. Just before you think about an amazingly smelling cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, you should think about these nine reasons why you should stop consuming coffee before eating. 

1  It Causes Gallbladder Contraction

 It Causes Gallbladder Contraction
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If you are a person who has had problems with gallstones before, we think morning coffee on an empty stomach is not the best drink for you. Coffee causes gallbladder contractions, which most often leads to malfunctioning.

Symptoms such as cramps, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea or severe pain are unfortunately common. Unless you have a regular digestive system, this can be a very painful and unnecessary experience for you. We know it is very hard to wake up without a cup of coffee, but try to find some healthier way, or even better, do not skip your breakfast!

2 Anxiety

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You shouldn’t completely stop drinking coffee and other caffeine-containing beverages. But when you are feeling nervous and depressed, this may be due to the cups of coffee you drink one after the other. Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, causing the release of stress levels. 

Caffeine has been shown to increase anxiety and sleep problems, especially with people who have social anxiety or panic attacks. Although caffeine does increase serotonin levels, on the one hand, to make you feel good and happy, on the other hand, chronically high amounts of serotonin can cause these neurotransmitters to stop processing. 

3 Concentration

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If you have been convinced by now that coffee improves concentration and your alertness while you are working, we must tell you that you are wrong. The concentration and level of attention you have after drinking coffee is instantaneous and is quickly lost.

Only if you drink coffee after coffee, your brain will work very consciously, but not for long. If you drink coffee on an empty stomach, you do the opposite to your body, your attention drops and you lose concentration.

4 Raises Your Blood Pressure

Raises Your Blood Pressure
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Stimulants, by definition, increase the activity of the central nervous system and therefore improve our alertness, concentration, and attention. Such increased nervous system activity can cause blood vessels to narrow, causing blood pressure to rise and change the amount of blood that passes through the heart.

Research shows that caffeine does indeed act as a mild stimulant and can cause blood vessels to narrow, resulting in increased blood pressure. If you drink coffee on an empty stomach, your blood pressure can increase rapidly and it can take up to three hours in continuity. 

5 Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Fibrocystic Breast Disease
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Drinking coffee on an empty stomach does not directly affect fibrocystic breast disease but the caffeine, in general, can have a connection to it. If you are drinking too much coffee on a daily bases, it can lead to FBD. This may not be the case for everyone, but research has shown that caffeine affects this disorder.

6 Worsens Menopausal Symptoms

Worsens Menopausal Symptoms
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If you have problems with night sweats as a symptom of menopause, it may be time to blame the cup of your morning coffee you start your day with. research has shown that morning coffee on an empty stomach as well as coffee intake generally causes and worsens menopausal symptoms. It is already heavy on its own and unnecessary intake of large amounts of coffee can make your day worse. 

7 Decreased Cortisol Levels

Decreased Cortisol Levels
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Cortisol is a hormone that is designed for short-term stressful situations. The stress we face today is not short-lived, and it is mostly psychologically and sociologically based. It goes on day after day, year after year. Our body responds by releasing smaller amounts of cortisol, and it becomes chronically elevated in the blood.

Consuming coffee will exhaust and deplete the adrenal glands, which will not be able to fight with stress. One of the worst options is consuming coffee instead of breakfast. The secreted adrenaline gives a false sense of satisfaction for a while and then leads you to hypoglycemia, which makes you feel irritable, uneasy and anxious.

8 Affects Your Skin

Affects Your Skin
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Your skin may look more tired if you drink coffee on an empty stomach. We often drink coffee when stressed, but it’s not the best solution for our skin. Coffee can further increase stress and therefore will be more insulin in our body. Research has also shown that drinking coffee removes elastin from your skin, which means that your skin will look older than it is.

9 Miscarriage risk

Miscarriage risk
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Studies have shown that women trying to get pregnant will find it harder to achieve if they consume large amounts of coffee. Also, if a woman is already pregnant and consumes coffee regardless of the time of day, caffeine may affect reducing the baby’s weight.

Pregnant women, who drink about two cups of instant coffee a day or three cups of caffeine-containing tea, are at a bigger risk of preterm birth or miscarriage.

10 Conclusion

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A cup of coffee on an empty stomach, immediately after waking up, can be detrimental to health – that’s a fact. Coffee can increase the symptoms of anxiety and speed up the heartbeat, causing irritability and inability to focus. Of course, some people have consumed coffee on an empty stomach for years, and they are feeling fine. If this applies to you, you can continue your little morning coffee drinking ritual.

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