These 7 Foods That Can Make You Age Faster

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No one can guarantee you how fast you will be aging, because it is influenced by various factors. Of course, genetics is very important, but do not worry, not everything is lost. There are several ways you can influence your body to be young for a long time. Some of your lifestyle habits like smoking, the food you eat, and how exposed you are to the sun can greatly affect your appearance. 

If you feel good on the inside, it will also be reflected in your outward appearance of course. It is very important what you consume and what sources of energy you give to your body. Metabolism draws in both good and bad from the food we eat, and this reflects on our health and especially on our physical appearance. 

That is why it is important to pay attention to the food and drinks you eat and drink if you want to look young. That is why we have put together a list of seven foods that you should not consume to get a younger look. Maybe you do have these foods in your fridge?

1 Margarine


Margarine was created as an inexpensive version of butter and is made from vegetable oils obtained by extraction of seeds and grains of soybeans, corn, sunflower or rapeseed. People often do not know the difference between these two, but it is enough to say that butter is good for your health, margarine is not. 

This food is also abundant in trans fats that cause blood vessels to become clogged, can increase the risk of heart attack, and is associated with the onset of rheumatic diseases. These facts prove that margarine is a completely unnatural product full of dangerous chemicals and contains fats that are foreign to the human body.

2 Convenience Foods

Convenience Foods

A new lifestyle of ours has taken our free time for cooking, we are all aware of it. That is why we are all susceptible to microwave or fast foods from stores that are neither nutritious nor healthy for us. This type of food contains lots of salt and calories that are not easy to get rid of later. 

Salt and sodium are not healthy for our bodies, especially not in large quantities and the convenience foods contain it a lot. By ingesting these foods, water is retained in our bodies and we become bloated or puffy. If you do not have the time or the ability to cook, consider some alternatives, healthy food restaurants for example. Your body will be thankful!

3 Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks

If you are one of those who always have to drink coffee or some energy drink because you have no energy, stop right now! The only cure for lack of energy is sleep, try to sleep longer, go to bed early. We know you have a lot of work to do, but if you are tired, the work you do will not be excellent, and you certainly do not want it.

Energy drinks contain a lot of sugar, caffeine, acid, and sodium. Instead of giving your body energy while you drink them, you damage it. They are bad for your teeth and may cause dehydration. 

4 Sugary Treats

Sugary Treats

Whether you eat dessert or some dough, you are bringing sugar into your body. No food does not contain some type of sugar. Sugar causes obesity, damages teeth and is very bad for health. Metabolism takes a long time to break it down, and with constant intake, it accumulates unhealthy pounds. 

Read the labels of the food before consuming it, try to reduce your sugar intake to a minimum. We know it is not easy to give up on your favorite chocolate bar, but your body needs you!

5 High Glycemic Index Carbs

High Glycemic Index Carbs

Foods that contain a lot of glycemic indexes, like bread or pasta, can quickly raise blood sugar levels. Processed carbohydrates cause obesity, are of very low nutritional value and can influence a faster aging process. 

Try eating more integral foods or if you do not like the taste, try whole wheat products should be more tasteful. this alternative is healthier, lowers blood pressure, combs quickly in metabolism, and is more nutritious than refined carbs.

6 Alcohol


Do not be immediately disappointed if you consume alcohol. As long as you drink it in normal amounts, you are safe. If you get drunk with alcohol that contains high levels of sugar, do not expect your face to look like you are eighteen. 

Alcohol removes vitamin A from the body, which is crucial for cell renewal. Of course, you can have a glass or two with your company, but be careful that you are not drinking alcohol with a lot of sugar. Also, drink water too. It may sound lame but you need to stay hydrated and alcohol does not help you in that mission.

7 Preserved Meats

Preserved Meats

Processed meat contains large amounts of nitrite and nitrate. These substances have a very detrimental effect on health as they increase the risk of cancer. They create free radicals in your body that have the power to destroy or damage cells very quickly.

It is time to say goodbye to bacon, sausages, roasts and other processed meats. This may be the hardest step of all, especially for your wallet, but you can always eat natural, non-processed meat without additive. Yo do not have to be strictly vegetarian, just try to eat more vegetables and eggs.

8 Conclusion



Normally, we want the years not to be seen on our faces. That is why cosmetic companies are trying to come up with magical creams and elixirs that will rejuvenate our looks. unfortunately, or fortunately, it can not be achieved with chemicals and cosmetics. 

All you have to do is arrange and reorganize your diet. Try to avoid foods from the list we have listed as much as possible. Results and effort will be visible soon, do not give up!

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