The Best 6 Foods To Speed Up Hair Growth

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We all want to have healthy, long and shiny hair, but it is not always easy to achieve. As for the health of our body, healthy food is essential for healthy hair. The condition of our skin and our hair are an outward sign of inner health. Cells that create hair need a regular supply of essential nutrients. To have healthy, thick, shiny and firm hair, we need to consume foods rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and omega 3 fatty acids daily.

Problems with hair loss and thinning can be the cause of hair exposure to high temperatures, strong shampoos, and conditioners, but food can help in this case as well. For healthier and faster hair growth, it is necessary to consume certain foods and treat your hair naturally, without many high temperatures and harmful hair chemicals. We prepared a list of top six foods for better hair growth, some of them you may be eating already! 

1 Dark, leafy greens

Dark, leafy greens

In some cases, especially with women, a deficiency of minerals is the cause of hair loss. It is very important to check that you are not lacking in nutrition that can lead to hair loss. For example, protein, iron and vitamin D levels should be checked.

Dark, leafy greens are rich in iron and contain sebum that acts as a natural hair balm. Greens provide omega 3 acids, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron. All this makes our hair shiny and causes it to fall less when washing. Of all the super healthy hair products that we are going to list, spinach is the only one we should consume daily.

2 Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

The importance of citrus fruits for hair growth is very important and significant. Vitamin C, which is rich in tangerines or oranges, makes it easier for our body to absorb iron, for example, from spinach. Vitamin B12 in this fruit improves growth, reduces downtime and slows down the process of gray hair. They also help in processing the collagen that is essential for firming the hair. 

3 Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

 It may sound crazy and impossible to you, but comparing it to a complete body, it is the hair that grows the fastest on your body. Hair contains a lot of tissues that accelerate its growth, and these tissues are made up of Vitamin A. An excellent and natural source of Vitamin A is sweet potatoes. It is even recommended to add potatoes to your hair mask once a month for a nicer shine and stronger hair. 

4  Eggs


Everyone knows that hair is made of protein and that protein is always needed. In this case, a special type of protein called keratin is the most important substance in hair composition. Therefore, adding protein to your diet will have many benefits for your body and especially your hair. Eggs, more precisely egg whites, are made from pure protein. One egg contains 6 to 7 grams of protein, which is sufficient for daily intake and effect on hair health.

5  Avocados


If you have problems with dry hair, avocado is the right choice for you. Avocados contain vitamins B and E that benefit hair growth. Vitamin E restores the scalp and Vitamin B promotes hair growth. They also add shine to the hair, retain moisture and strengthen the root. The fusion of all the vitamins in this tropical fruit also improves blood circulation.

In addition to the avocado fruit itself, avocado oil is extremely useful. By rubbing avocado oil on the root of your hair, you stimulate circulation. Once the ingredients reach the follicles, they work to benefit the hair by encouraging new and healthier hair growth.

6 Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds

Pistachios have been associated with the treatment of hereditary baldness in men. Walnut contains biotin, and walnut contains oils that increase the amount of elastin in the hair. Elastin makes the hair supple and prevents hair from cracking. 

Vitamin E, found in seeds, is a powerful antioxidant that can absorb harmful UV rays and protect skin cells. It also recovers sun damage to the skin, which can affect thinning hair. Vitamin E greatly improves hair growth and is used to treat baldness. 

7 Conclusion


Hair growth is a very complex process and in most cases, we do not notice or understand why the hair stagnates for a long time. Most of us would like to believe those hair problems are related to genetics and external influences. Yet, daily habits also have a huge effect on hair growth.

These include strong and frequent chemical hair treatments, emotional or psychological traumas, stress, hormone changes, especially during pregnancy or menopause, lack of sleep, eating disorders or unintended consequences when using certain medications. Take care of your diet and the way you treat your hair. The results will be seen soon!

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