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11 Foods To Avoid If You Have High Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure is a potentially dangerous thing. Also known as hypertension, chronically high pressure can cause many problems, some of which can lead to death. Arterial hypertension is the most massive non-communicable disease in the world that affects nearly one billion people. 26% of the world's adult population has a problem with

9 Foods People With Kidney Disease Should Eat

The risk of kidney damage increases with aging. Starting at the age of 40, the glomerular filtration rate, which is a parameter of the function of all organs, decreases by 1% per year. That is why we must take care of our kidneys to stay healthy until we are old. The kidneys are bean-shaped organs, the size not bigger than your hands. These

Why You Should Never Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach

Do you ritually drink coffee in the morning before your breakfast like most people? You should not feel guilty about this habit, because coffee consumption has many health benefits, one of which is to protect the brain from dementia. But there is always another side of the story. Although coffee is good for our body, it should never be drunk on

11 Foods You Should Eat To Get Rid Of Knee Pain

The modern way of life is the main culprit for the joint pain that more and more young people are suffering from. Research has shown that one-third of all doctor visits are caused by bone and muscle pain. They usually occur during the summer, when we want to be more active than usual. Whether you run, bike, walk, do any activity, or just sit on

7 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Fresh breath provides confidence in everyday communication with other people. If you think that your breath is a little bit smelly, chewing gum and bonbons with different flavors and aromas are the best for first aid. However, in order to permanently eliminate the problem, it is necessary to find the cause and eliminate it - by treatment, but also

7 Foods That Naturally Cleanse The Liver

The liver is one of the key organs in the digestion, from where toxins are constantly eliminated in our body. It also filters the blood from the gut and processes and stores nutrients that are converted to energy. Foods that, if consumed daily, can damage the liver are alcohol, foods with too much sugar or salt, foods fried in deep oil, bread and