7 Reasons to Never Drink Bottled Water Again

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Countless times we happen to be in the town without a place where we could drink some water. In such situations, most people will choose to buy bottled water at a nearby store. No matter if the bottled water is really ‘checked and good’ for us, it definitely affects badly our health and the environment we live in.

Why pay something when you can get it at home for free? You can always ask at a coffee shop or restaurant for a glass of water too. Are you still not convinced this is a good decision and you would rather buy a bottle of water? Here are seven reasons why you should never drink bottled water again. Will you still be stubborn after you read it?

1 Plastic Leaches Into The Water

Plastic Leaches Into The Water
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Plastic bottles that are used for packing water contain many harmful chemicals, one of them is BPA, practically the worst one, which has been proven to cause many diseases and cancer. The situation is even worse if the water is exposed to the sun because this chemical will end up in your body even in larger quantities. It is also not a good idea to refill the water bottle, as plastic bottles release harmful chemicals all the time.

Considering that plastic is used in food and beverage processing and is almost inevitable, it would be good if we could drink non-plastic water at least.

2 It Is Not Cleaner Than Tap Water And Is Certainly Less Regulated

It Is Not Cleaner Than Tap Water And Is Certainly Less Regulated
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If you think that bottled water is healthy compared to tap water, you are wrong. Just because the water you buy is supposedly processed and cleaned, it does not mean that it is really true. Researches have shown that 1/3 of bottled water is neither controlled nor cleaned at all.

On the one hand, you have the FDAs that are controlled by a few people who do not care about the bottling process, but on the other hand, the EPA does an excellent job by monitoring tap water.

Although they are not perfect either, one part of the bottled water is not even from the water sources, but tap water, that is only packaged and sold to as a brand.

3 It Steals Funding From Tap Water

It Steals Funding From Tap Water
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If you had the option to turn off tap water or never buy bottled water again, what would you choose? No matter how much we value tap water, its infrastructure is underdeveloped because it gets less money. This opportunity is used by all bottled water manufacturers, so they build their brand reputation by persuading people that the tap water is not good. This way more water bottles are sold.

4 Not Enough Are Recycled

Not Enough Are Recycled
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We all know that plastic is a non-degradable material. Or more precisely, it takes a long time to break down if we compare it to glass or cardboard. The research will tell you that more and more plastic is recycled every year, and that is positive news until you realize that more plastic is produced every year as well.

Plastic is a material that cannot be recycled forever. It may change its form and purpose twice before it is ‘downcycled’. It is a great idea to get something new from something old, but once the plastic is downcycled, it can not be processed anymore. But not every bottle gets recycled, about 4 billion bottles end up in the trash.

5 Manufacturing Wastes A Ton Of Resources

Manufacturing Wastes A Ton Of Resources
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Did you know that oil is used in the process of making plastic, and also while packaging and transporting water? About 17 million barrels of oil are consumed annually just to get us bottled water. Also, experts say that we are running out of oil, that is a double waste.

Plastic production has a very bad impact on global warming, and we already produce things we do not need and use. Also, bottled water is like a disaster for the environment and sustainable development. Each liter of bottled water can destroy another 100 liters of clean drinking water.

6 The Fleecing Of Consumers

The Fleecing Of Consumers
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Marketing can easily make you a fool, and this is well known by American manufacturers. A good marketing strategy will make you buy things you generally do not need, but you will feel bad if you do not have them.

Why do you need to buy bottled water when you have fresh and completely regular tap water at home?

7 Wasted Money

Wasted Money
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Research has shown that Americans spend about $ 4 million annually on bottled water. When you add up the calculations and look at the numbers you will realize that every time you buy a bottle of water for an average price of two dollars, you make a profit for manufacturers of about $ 1.75. That’s right, they produce water bottles for $ 0.25 each.

Now consider how much money you would save if you bought a reusable metal or plastic bottle for no more than $ 5, which you can refill any time you need fresh water. That way you spend less money, less garbage is made, there is no need to recycle anything. Simply, you are saving the environment and your wallet.

8 Conclusion

If these seven reasons are not enough for you, let’s just mention the most important one: bottled water has a plastic taste. It can take a long time from the moment of packing the water to consuming it. During that period, the water will absorb all the chemicals from the plastic in which it is packed. Water is essential to our body, and if you consume unhealthy water, your entire metabolism and body will be unhealthy.

Then what is the solution? As we suggested, buy one or two reusable bottles, which you can daily fill with tap water as many times as you want. If you are one of those people who do not like the taste of tap water, consider buying water filters and cleaners. This is one form of investment but it is certainly cheaper and better solution than wasting money on plastic bottles that you will never use again.

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