7 Natural Ways To Stop Hair Loss

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A loss of sixty to one hundred hairs a day is considered normal and individual. Anything beyond that number is considered heightened hair loss and indicates a problem that needs to be addressed. The hair follicle is constantly renewed and has many functions, most importantly protection and sensation. For people of all races, hair is one of the most important sociological and psychological characteristics.

The reasons for hair loss can be different from person to person, from genetics, stress, poor nutrition, inadequate hair shampoos, too often and too much hair binding, and so on. You should try to consult your doctor but also try out seven natural ways to slow or stop hair loss we listed here. Some are less familiar to you, some more but the number 6 will delight you!

1 Use the Gentlest Products and Treatments

Use the Gentlest Products and Treatments
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Shampoos, hair masks, conditioners contain very harmful chemicals for our hair and most often dry the scalp. That way, they make it easier for the hair to detach from the root, leading to increased hair loss. To prevent this, switch to naturally occurring and gentler shampoos. After washing, do not dry your hair with a hairdryer or at least not immediately after washing your hair. Forget about curls, hair irons, and any other heat-damaging devices. 

If you dye your hair often and it is essential that you do not give up on it, look for ones that have lower percentages of hydrogen and peroxide. Of course, try to keep your hair as natural as possible, without high ponytails, tight braids and other hairstyles that put pressure on hair and scalp. 

2 Tweak Your Diet

Tweak Your Diet
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It may sound weird to you, but the food you eat can stop or worsen hair loss. We are what we eat, they say, and in this case, that saying is true. To slow or stop your hair from falling, you should add green foods to your diet, the best option is the Mediterranean diet, because it contains high levels of Vitamin A, which is healthy for the hair, stimulates its growth and makes the root firmer. 

Most of your hair is made up of a protein called keratin, so if you bring more protein into your metabolism, it will significantly improve the condition of your hair. Protein-rich foods include eggs, chicken, turkey, beans, nuts, and low-calorie foods.

3 Add Some Supplements

Add Some Supplements
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If you do not get enough nutrients into your diet, try adding vitamins in the form of supplements. Vitamins A, B. C, D, selenium, zinc, and iron help grow and strengthen the hair, so they can be very helpful to your body. Other vitamins like Vitamin D can help you if you have a special diagnosis, but a general intake of vitamin supplements will not only help your hair but your overall health. You will not lose anything but you will gain a lot! 

4 Use Essential Oils

Use Essential Oils
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Essential oils facilitate hair growth when applied to the scalp. These are natural oils obtained from plant extracts, so by applying them to your hair – you enrich your hair with completely natural, medicinal ingredients.

Although essential oils are popular for their aromatic properties, they are priced far more than just their invigorating aroma. The best thing about essential oils is that they act as catalysts for hair growth when added to common hair care products. Essential oils improve blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles on the scalp. Besides, they can help prevent dandruff, peeling of the scalp, dry scalp and sometimes even grey hair.

5 Reduce Stress With Exercise

Reduce Stress With Exercise
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One of the most common reasons for hair loss is stress. But stress cannot be avoided, at work, school, or even when we are home. So the best solution is to put your stress out through exercise and fitness. It accelerates blood flow, which means that the growth of the hair will improve and be faster and of better quality. Try doing yoga because it best affects stress, it calms you down and makes your body more elastic and fit. 

6 Get A Massage

Get A Massage
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We are not sure how a massage can help your hair grow and not fall, but it is true, a head and scalp massage helps reduce hair loss. If you massage the scalp and your head for an average of four minutes each day, you will be shown results for a short period and your hair will stop falling or the amount of falling hair will decrease. 

You do not have to hire a professional, you can massage yourself while washing your hair or at any time of day that is right for you

7 Try a Trendy Treatment

Try a Trendy Treatment
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Not all medical treatments are bad for your hair. For example, laser treatment can improve the condition of your hair because it uses low-level lasers that do not damage the hair and scalp. You can do these treatments in hair salons and at hairdressers, but there is also a home version with your lasers, which can cost yours from $ 200 to $ 600. 

Whichever version you choose, these treatments will rejuvenate and refresh the look of your hair after a short period of time.

8 Conclusion

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At some point in life, almost every man or woman encounters thinning or hair loss. Hormones, genetics, age, autoimmune diseases, infections, smoking, diets, medications, and environmental factors – all of these together affect hair loss as well as how intense it will be. So as the reasons are different, the solutions will be too. 

Trying these seven tips will help you reduce the amount of hair you lose. But with some of them be patient. Sometimes your hair needs time, approximately around three to six months to show the real results. Try to treat your hair as natural and healthy as possible, so that it can last you longer and to be beautiful and firm.

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