7 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

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Fresh breath provides confidence in everyday communication with other people. If you think that your breath is a little bit smelly, chewing gum and bonbons with different flavors and aromas are the best for first aid. However, in order to permanently eliminate the problem, it is necessary to find the cause and eliminate it – by treatment, but also to prevent it. Not only can bad breath be a warning of poor hygiene, but it also leaves a bad impression on others.

Common causes are foods we consume, such as garlic and onion, which leave a strong and intensive smell. But it does not always have to be caused by food. Poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, broken teeth and more can be a reason why your friends don’t like talking face to face with you.

In medical terminology, bad breath is known as Chronic Halitosis and is common among people. If you are one of these people, we have a solution for you. Here is a list of seven natural and easy ways to get rid of bad breath.

1 Probiotics

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This may sound weird to you, but probiotics can really help you heal bad breath. Whether you take it as a pill or as a meal supplement, it will affect the production of bacteria in your oral cavity. Remember that probiotics need time to react and show the results, so be patient, your time will come. One of the better things is that with probiotics, you also bring in fibers in your body that are very important for producing good bacteria.

2 Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes
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Digestive enzymes are enzymes used in the digestive system. These enzymes help break down the large macromolecules found in the food we eat into smaller molecules that our gut can absorb.

Considering that the digestive system is one of the known causes of bad breath, taking digestive enzymes through foods can help a lot. Sources of the enzyme can be found in pineapples because they contain HCL with pepsin, Bromelain and Papain. 

3 Cinnamon Chewing Stick

Cinnamon Chewing Stick
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The characteristic exotic aroma of cinnamon for many is the first association with cakes, but many do not know that cinnamon is not only a delicious addition to sweets but also natural medicine. Cinnamon is known to have a good effect on the digestive system and by consuming it you will get rid of bad breathe simply and sweetly. Because of that cinnamon chewing sticks would be a good solution for you.

4 Green Tea

Green Tea
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Who doesn’t know yet that green tea speeds up metabolism and burns calories? But did you know that it can help you with bad breathe too? Since it has an antibacterial effect on the oral cavity, it will destroy any bacteria that can cause bad smells. Three cups of tea a day and your problem will be solved, with many other benefits that tea gives, of course.

5 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera
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You thought that mouthwash was the best solution to get rid of all the bacteria in your mouth? We have to disappoint you or this may be good news, there is something much better. Aloe Vera is known for anti-fungal and antibacterial use all around the world. So it is possible to make a natural mouthwash with aloe Vera gel by adding it to cooled pre-boiled water. It not only affects bad breath but also the overall health of the mouth and teeth as it helps to make collagen.

6 Oral Irrigator

Oral Irrigator
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Often the toothbrushes are too big for the oral cavity so we can’t reach all parts of the mouth so easily. In places where water can not reach, more bacteria will be collected and multiplied. If this is happening to you then it would be best to start using an oral irrigator. It is a small gadget that will help the water spread to the tricky places to clean everything.

7 Avoiding Stuff

Avoiding Stuff
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If you try avoiding to consume things that leave a strong smell like cigarettes, alcohol, strong-smelling foods like onions, and even cheese, your breath will be much fresher. We are not saying you should give them up completely if you do not want to, but try to reduce the amount you consume to a minimum.

8 Conclusion

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Use these seven tips, consult with your doctor or dentist to know what causes your bad breath. Check your breath every time before an important meeting and have a chew in your pocket or bag, you never know what can happen!

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