7 Best Exercises To Lose Weight

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Many people wonder what is the simplest and most effective way to lose weight. The combination of a healthy and light diet, good training and exercises that will suit your body type are the answer. 

With a good combination and harmony of all these aspects, your body will lose weight and you will be happy with the results. 

Depending on whether you are just starting to exercise or have exercised before, it is important that you start the pace lightly and not overdo it. Doing so can damage your muscles and every training would remain painful in your memory. Do not be hard on yourself, some of these exercises are not initially easy to do but with enough exercise and patience, you will get there! Now let’s burn those fats and calories. 

1 Jump rope

Jump rope
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Skipping a jumping rope is an exercise that is inevitable in any workout. Whether you are in great shape, want a good cardio workout, improve performance in your workout, or just have fun – skipping a screwdriver is an activity that will help you fulfill your desires.

Studies have shown that high-intensity activities, such as skipping rope, play an important role in maintaining physical fitness, losing fat and cellulite, positively affecting overall health and even mood and mental stability in humans. If you try to maintain 120 skips per minute, you will be able to burn around 600 calories per hour. What a great way to start your training! 

2 High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training
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If you run a sprint you can burn as many calories as you do while skipping a rope. But if you try to run or walk as fast as you can in short intervals of 20 to 40 seconds, you’ll be able to burn more calories and strengthen your body. 

This method of exercising is called high-intensity interval training or just shortly HIIT. The rest is very important too. Your body needs a remedy after such pressure. You can do this type of training while running, walking or even riding a stationary bike. Do as best as you can for a short period.

3 Weight Training

Weight Training
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Anyone who wants to lose weight always goes for cardio workouts that often boring. But did you know that the same effect can be achieved with weights? Fitness experts agree that weightlifting may be the best form of training because you can accurately focus attention on specific body parts and shape them as you wish. They even agree that gym training may be more effective than cardio training. 

This type of exercise will also help you speed up your metabolism and get the body shape you want. Try weight training three times a week and the results will be seen soon.

4 Boxing and Kickboxing

Boxing and Kickboxing
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Cardio boxing and kickboxing elements are the best and most effective way to burn fat, especially those belly fats that many of us have problems with. If you also include skipping rope with these exercises and take an hour a day, you will burn between 750 and 900 calories. Coordination, flexibility, reflexes, movement – all this improves over time if you embrace (kick)boxing.

Boxing does not have to be a monotonous sport, you can do sparring with a coach or friend and have fun. Wear protective gear and you will have no worries! 

5 Kettle Balls

Kettle Balls
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This type of exercise is perfect for all those women and men who balance between work and family but do not want to neglect their physical appearance and form. If you have been mainly focused on cardio exercises so far and have neglected the exercises for strengthening these weight exercises you should approach with some caution. 

It is very important that you start slowly, with only 50 swings and slowly increase until you reach 300, and when you reach the desired 300, be sure to take a break after every 50 swings. Learn to do these exercises properly, because you can do huge harm to the body if you do the steps wrongly.

6 Running

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f this is your first time running so far and your fitness is not at an enviable level, the last thing you want to do is stay discouraged when you first try. Do not expect too much from yourself. Running can be stressful for both your muscles and your joints. 

To see that running can affect weight loss it has to become your routine. If you want to get a flat stomach this way, you need to train 3 to 5 times a week. The good thing is that you can run indoors too, so the rain will not ruin your running session. 

7 Lunges

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The Lunge Exercise is ideal for your legs and body shape. The more you do them, the stronger and more flexible you will be. This exercise will strengthen your buttocks as well as your legs.

In the initial posture, you need to spread your legs shoulder-width apart. With your right foot step forward as far as you can and squat on it so that your left leg is stretched all the way. Your back and feet must be straight. Do this between 8 and 12 times with your right foot, then repeat the same exercise with your left foot. Three to four sets will be enough. 

8 Conclusion

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Please do not forget, the food you eat is also very important. Exercise and effort will not pay off if you bring carbs, calories, and sugar into your body. Try to find healthy alternatives to the foods you love and don’t give up.

Exercise regularly, as much as you can for how much time you can set aside, and do not overdo yourself. Looking good is important, we agree, but feeling good is way more important. If you have obstacles or problems with your workout, find a trainer who will help you come up with a workout plan that suits you best.

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