6 Reasons Why You Should Never Eat French Fries Again

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Have you ever heard or eaten French fries? Sounds amazing and delicious, right? Well, the only French thing with them is the way chief cuts potatoes. When you are hungry and away from home, you are probably going for French fries. Whether you add a burger, with or without it, the only thing worse than fried potatoes at home is eating fries from fast food shops. 

1 You will gain unnecessary weight

You will gain unnecessary weight
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No potato in its natural state is bad for humans, but the way you cook it and eat is dangerous. Potatoes are full of starch and are made from simple carbohydrates. French fries are mostly made from white potatoes, which turn into sugar more quickly in the body. When carbohydrates are quickly absorbed into the body, they can either be used as energy or deposited in fat. If you do not go to the gym right away after eating a portion of French fries, you will gain weight.

Since they are complex carbohydrates, the body needs more time to digest it. And if you also consider that most of the nutrients have been removed by frying, your body is getting bad carbs without nutrition to process over the day. You can not get energy from this type of food, you will feel hungry and tired. 

2 You continue to increase your chances of heart disease and type 2 diabetes

You continue to increase your chances of heart disease and type 2 diabetes
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Fried foods are delicious, but bad fats in them turn potatoes into an unhealthy bomb for the heart. Not all fats are bad, there are also good ones, such as vegetable oils, such as olive oil, which protects our body from disease, those bad fats are directly linked to arterial congestion, and are present in margarine and everything which contains partially hydrogenated ingredients. Bad fats raise blood cholesterol levels, stay in the body longer, and increase triglycerides.

That is why this is not a good food choice for your heart, sugar from fried food can cause blood sugar to increase or lead to diabetes. In a study conducted in the 1970s, people who consumed French fries were at a higher risk of diabetes, arterial disease and disorders than those who ate differently prepared potatoes.

3 You may increase your risk of cancer

You may increase your risk of cancer
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There are trans fats in fries called acrylamide, which are possible cancer triggers. Although there is still no convincing evidence of an association between fries consumption and the incidence of cancer in children, That is why it would be best to completely avoid French fries or limit your consumption. French fries are literally the concentration of everything bad, full of salt, bad fats, and carbs. 

Studies have shown that acrylamide is produced when potatoes that contain the amino acid asparagine are heated to high temperatures in the presence of certain sugars. Later development of acrylamide can cause cell and DNA structure mutation, which in some cases can lead to cancer.

4 Increase your risk of kidney disease and stroke

Increase your risk of kidney disease and stroke
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What are French fries if it is not well-salted? Well, that is not really good for your health, especially not for your blood pressure. The pressure exerted on your circulation during excessive salt consumption can cause heart attacks, heart and kidney diseases, and stroke.

5 You lose some brain and nerve function

You lose some brain and nerve function
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The acrylamide we mentioned earlier not only can cause cancer but can also affect your brain functions. It can cause nerve damage such as muscle weakness and lack of coordination. Further research has shown that eating these foods can cause deeper brain damage, poor memory, forgetting as well as neurodegenerative disorders.

6 You could increase your risk of premature death

You could increase your risk of premature death
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As you could see yourself, consuming French fries can cause various diseases, obesity, heart, kidney, and nervous system disorders. All of these lead to a quick death and worse health, so it is true, French fries can shorten your life. Extra sauces that you eat fries with, such as ketchup, mayonnaise and so on, are also not healthy. They can cause obesity and are full of chemicals. Say no to French fries and your overall health will get better. 

7 Conclusion 

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Replace the fries with roasted potatoes, which are much healthier and will satiate you. You are advised to cut the potatoes as fries or buy already chopped ones. Preheat the oven, put baking paper on the baking tray and bake the potatoes. This way you will feel like you are eating French fries but without unhealthy oils and salt. Eat potatoes, it is super healthy for you but please, pay attention to the way you prepare it! 

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