11 Best Abs Exercises Of All Time

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Do you belong to the group of people who have always wanted six-packs but never managed to achieve it? The golden path of getting the perfect abs is simple: firstly reduce the belly fat and secondly, do the exercises that will help you get the abs. Most of us think that if we do exercises only, our belly will disappear. It won’t.

No one says the process will take a short period of time and that will be simple, but if you follow these eleven exercises, your experience will be more effective and less painful. Number eight will surprise you.

1 Cable Crunch

Cable Crunch
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This exercise activates the upper muscles of your stomach. It is definitely one of the best exercises if you want to get toned abs. To do it the right way, you should bend your upper body, starting from the waist, while pulling down to your tights and knees. 

You will need some weight too because you want to pressure your abs to work. Try to do three sets of crunches often to maximum twenty reps and the results will be seen soon.

2 Standard Crunches

Standard Crunches
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Another exercise that will help you achieve your goal. If you are only focused on the ab area, regular crunches are perfect for you, but be careful because you could hurt your back after some time. Be aware that crunches only tone abs and but do not burn fat. 

Start a bit easier, with ten to twenty-five reps, after you feel like your abs are not working, add more sets.

3 Seated Barbell Twist

Seated Barbell Twist
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Seated barbell twists are a great way to ton your abs and obliques. It may seem difficult to get your elbow to the opposite knee at first, do not give up. Try to do it as close as possible, it will work out at the end. 

It would be ideal if you start with two sets of ten reps, so later it will be easier to work up to three sets of fifteen to twenty reps.

4 The Russian Twist

The Russian Twist
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Unlike other exercises, you can do the Russian twist at home because you do not need special types of equipment. You will overcome it without problems and it will not only be effective on abs but it will express your curves and gluteus too.

Three sets of fifteen reps will be enough for the beginning, add up ten more reps to sets later.

5 The Advanced Russian Twist

The Advanced Russian Twist
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An updated version of the Russian twist, a bit more difficult but a lot more effective. The best way to do this exercise is to raise your feet a few inches off the ground before the start and keep them in that position until you finish the exercise. This way your abs will be exposed to the pressure more.

Do not overdo yourself, start with one set of ten reps, but raise the number to three sets of fifteen later on. 

6 The Leg Raise

The Leg Raise
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If you have already achieved good results through exercise and now want to focus on certain parts of your body, the leg raise is a great solution for you. It concentrates mainly on abs, but your core and upper body parts will work out too. 

Five sets of three to five reps will be enough for the start, upgrade it to fifteen reps per set later.

7 The Advanced Leg Raise

The Advanced Leg Raise
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The Leg Raise is one of the most challenging exercises you could do with your body, but if you achieved it already, there is no need to stop. Aim for the advanced version of leg raise, without curling your legs while raising them in front of you.

Five sets of three to five reps or fifteen reps per set if you already exercise often.

8 Cardio Activity

Cardio Activity
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Cardio training is the most effective way to remove fat, achieve and maintain fitness. Cardio exercises are necessary for any effective training program as they maintain fat burning but are also good for the overall health of the body. People generally think that cardio involves only running but you could swim, dance, do spinning and boxing too. 

Doing cardio and exercises is a perfect match for killer abs, one session per week is enough but twenty-minute series during three days of the week would be ideal for your body and your health.

9 Flutter Kicks

Flutter Kicks
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Flutter Kicks, or better known as Scissors kicks will activate middle and lower abs. A very effective exercise for removing abdomen fat and tightening muscles and gluteus. You can do it in two ways when it comes to timing: set a timer for thirty seconds and do the kicks continuously or do three sets of twenty-five reps. Increase the quantity over time.

10 Reverse crunches

Reverse crunches
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After you tried almost all types of crunches, it is time for reverse crunches. It focuses on lower abs and obliques, for a perfect looking body. It is not necessary to go to the gym to do this exercise on the bench, if you have a mat at home, the problem is solved. 

Three sets of ten reps, building up to twenty-five reps and you are done!

11 Reverse Oblique Crunches

Reverse Oblique Crunches
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We are not finished with crunches yet. Reverse Oblique Crunches activate your obliques to burn fat and to stay fit. It will give you a more defined look and toned muscles. Try doing two sets from eight to ten reps, so you could upgrade it later to three sets of fifteen. 

12 Conclusion

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By combining the exercises we have listed, you can create an active and effective exercise plan for your abdomen abs. You should remember that everything takes time, and so do the muscles, but do not give up easily!

Also, remember to take care of your diet and the stuff you eat. Even though you are constantly exercising, six-packs will not be visible unless you do your best to reduce the belly fat. The journey to the perfect body is long, but it is worth it!

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