11 Foods To Avoid If You Have High Blood Pressure

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Having high blood pressure is a potentially dangerous thing. Also known as hypertension, chronically high pressure can cause many problems, some of which can lead to death. Arterial hypertension is the most massive non-communicable disease in the world that affects nearly one billion people. 26% of the world’s adult population has a problem with high pressure. Blood pressure is exacerbated by overuse of salt and fluid, obesity, excessive intake of alcohol and coffee, smoking, physical inactivity, stress.

As many causes cannot be affected, experts advise that we try to correct at least those who depend on us. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of foods, as there are those that naturally lower high blood pressure levels.

1 Sugar and salt 

Sugar and salt 

Only one teaspoon of table salt contains 2,300 milligrams of sodium, which is the upper limit of the recommended daily consumption of this mineral. This is sufficient evidence to describe the harmfulness of salt and how it is capable of raising blood pressure immediately.

Excessive sugar intake increases body fat. It is estimated that the average person consumes between 10 and 12 pounds of sugar a year. As a result, weight gain can increase blood pressure. Try to remove sugary and salty food from your diet and your blood pressure will be at a normal level. This is a list of foods you should avoid if you have problems with hypertension.

2 Canned Beans

Canned Beans
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Canned beans like other canned foods are not healthy for blood pressure. These products contain large amounts of salt that are added during the canning process to avoid spoilage. But this should not discourage you from eating beans.

Beans are full of protein and are very healthy and nutritious for the body. But when you eat it, cook it yourself because that way you avoid salt and lose less nutritional value.

3 Pre-made Soups

Pre-made Soups
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Most of the pre-made soups you buy in supermarkets are full of sodium. Just like for canned food, salt is added to soups for a stronger flavor of vegetables and noodles. Even if you boil it at home, the salt percentage will be higher because of water boiling off. So, there is no proper way to get rid of salt in pre-made soups. 

Try making your soup at home. You will be sure there is no extra salt and your body will get a healthy and fresh meal full of vitamins. Also, if you are a fan of pre-made soups, look for ones that have less sodium, although this is not the best solution either. This kind of soup may contain less salt than usual, but those quantities may still be high for people who have problems with hypertension.

4 Cooked Tomato Products

Cooked Tomato Products
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Tomatoes are very healthy vegetables that give you a lot of vitamins and nutrition. But when processed, it turns into sugar, which is not at all favorable for blood pressure. Tomato sauces, ketchup, and other tomato products during processing get enormous amounts of salts that destroy nutritional value and increase blood pressure. Instead of buying sauces, make your homemade sauce. Take care of your health by taking care of your diet.

5 Packaged and processed meat

Packaged and processed meat
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Everything that is processed and packaged contains large amounts of salt, don’t forget it! This is also the case with meat, especially hot dogs, sausages, salami, and similar stuff. Meat should contain protein and vitamins but meat processed in this way will offer you nothing but pure salt. 

If you had problems with your blood pressure before, then you know for sure which meat you are comfortable with and what you are allowed to eat. Nevertheless, always buy fresh meat from the butcher shop so that you know that its salt level is reduced to the minimum.

6 Frozen Meals

Frozen Meals
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Frozen food can be a great solution for your meal while at work or when you don’t have enough time to cook. But certainly, it is not the best for your blood pressure levels. Frozen food is packed with sodium. Also, the quality of the foods is most of the time very poor, so always check the manufacturer and the amount of salt in the food you buy.

7 Candy

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Do we need to remind you that candy should not be on your menu? Candies are made of sugar, without any nutritional value. They raise blood sugar abnormally fast and high, cause craving and in return give you nothing useful. Instead of eating sweets, eat some fruit that contains potassium, such as bananas. Potassium tends to reduce blood pressure very well.

8 Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks
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Carbonated beverages, or simply called sodas, contain the same amount of sugar as candy but are much more dangerous. Research has shown that soda has less power to make you full than candy, which can cause even more sugar intake than recommended daily. 

Try replacing these drinks with sparkly water and fresh orange juice. You will feel like drinking the same drink but your body will surely notice the difference in the amount of sugar intake.

9 Pastries

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Cakes, croissants, cakes, and muffins are delicious, but potentially dangerous because of the number of things like butter, sugar, sodium, and saturated fat. This amount will double if these products are coated with various fillings and glazes. Desserts increase blood pressure and blood sugar levels so large amounts are not recommended. In cases of low blood pressure, one candy is sufficient to prevent further reduction.

10 Sauces

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Just like ketchup is full of salt, so are all other sauces, no matter where they came from. You may not have paid attention to this, but all cups that have less sugar should have higher amounts of salt. This is due to the process of pasteurization and the preservation of processed products. Get down to work, get creative and make your healthy sauce in your kitchen, free of salt and unnecessary, noxious substances. 

11 Alcohol 

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The most unfavorable foods that raise blood pressure very quickly include alcohol, so that excessive amounts of alcohol increase the pressure to very dangerous levels. When a person drinks more than three drinks in a row, his or her blood pressure temporarily rises and this condition can become chronic if regularly resorted to. However, one glass of wine or beer a day will not harm those with very low pressure.

12 Conclusion 

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The best thing you can do with your food for high blood pressure is to cook at home. You will have control over your sugar and salt daily intake as well as the nutrition you take in. Another good news is that more and more restaurants and stores are trying to produce food that suits people with hypertension, so you won’t have to spend all day in the kitchen for a decent meal. Search and be willing to change your diet for the sake of your health, the rest will come with your effort.

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