10 Amazing Egg Benefits For Skin And Hair

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Could you imagine your fridge full of foods but without eggs? They are often cooked, baked or fried. We mix pasta, cakes and other sweets with eggs and cook creams, make different sweet and savory sauces.

But in addition to culinary and cooking, eggs are very useful in cosmetics too. Egg-based masks and conditioners can revive lifeless hair and recover dry and cracked tips or help us get rid of enlarged pores and revitalize tired facial skin. So take a peek into your fridge and start making some of your many home hair and skincare products. We are giving you ten reasons why you should introduce eggs to your skin and hair.

1 Condition the hair

Condition the hair
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Eggs contain a lot of protein and have a conditioning effect on the hair. It is rich in vitamins A, D, and E (Vitamin A fights free radicals, Vitamin D promotes hair growth and Vitamin E increases oxygen absorption and stimulates circulation). The yolk makes the hair shiny and after the treatment, the hair looks denser.

2 Promotes Hair Growth and Curbs Hair Loss

Promotes Hair Growth and Curbs Hair Loss
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As we said before, eggs contain a lot of protein that stimulates hair growth. Zinc and vitamins in egg strengthen keratin in hair, which is the main reason why hair is strong and healthy. The stronger the hair, you are less likely to experience premature hair loss.

3 Adds Shine To The Hair

Adds Shine To The Hair
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You do not have to buy expensive shampoos for your hair to shine. Just make a natural egg mask and your hair will be shiny with every treatment. Thanks to protein your damaged and dull hair will be easily gone.

4 Heals Hair Damage

Heals Hair Damage
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Hair is made up of a strong structural protein called keratin, as much as 88% of hair is made up of this protein. It is the same kind of protein that builds up nails and the outer layer of skin. Keratin plays a major role in maintaining the resistance and firmness of hair. Eggs are the best source of protein in its natural form. They encourage the production of keratin, which recovers hair rapidly.

5 Improve the Elasticity of Hair

Improve the Elasticity of Hair
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In addition to its main benefits, the yolk contains lutein which gives the hair its firmness and elasticity. Therefore, elastic hair is less prone to breakage and damage.

6 Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening
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Egg white contains ingredients that are great for the skin. It contains a protein that makes skin elastic and tightens it, regenerates and restores cell growth. It contains potassium that hydrates the skin and gives it a beautiful nude color. In addition to being great for tightening your face, the egg white will help a lot to get rid of acne spots and scars, as it is powerful when it comes to regenerating your skin.

7 Oil Blotting

Oil Blotting
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If you are one of those people with oily skin but face masks from drug stores can not help you, eggs are here to help. Egg whites are the perfect complement to face masks that remove oil from pores and face. Your face will stay hydrated but with no oil.

8 Cleansing the skin

Cleansing the skin
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One of the reasons why it is better to use eggs in the skincare routine than purchased skincare products is because eggs act as executive skin cleansers. They eliminate bacteria, oils and everything that damages the skin very easily and quickly, and after treatment, the skin is always soft and smooth.

9 Whitehead and Blackhead Remover

Whitehead and Blackhead Remover
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Egg whites can neutralize the presence of oils and impurities that are present inside your pores and cause the appearance of pimples and blackheads. Besides, it works by reducing the inflammation of the skin caused by the presence of pimples and by closing the pores.

The yolk, on the other hand, contains an abundance of nutrients that enhance the skin’s resistance to the presence of pimples and blackheads.

10 Nourishment of Skin

Nourishment of Skin
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An egg face mask can be just what you need. Whether you are experiencing oily skin, acne and blackheads or wrinkles, eggs are a way to nourish your skin and solve any problems. Eggs contain substances that tighten the skin and narrow the pores, and at the same time nourish it and restore its elasticity.

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